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National Epilepsy Surgery Support Activity Network (NESSAN) is an informal group of professionals interested in epilepsy, particularly in DRE. The professionals include epileptologists, neurologists with interest in epilepsy, neurosurgeons with interest in epilepsy surgery, neuropsychologists, neuroradiologists, and psychosocial councillors. Anyone who is interested in the management of patients with DRE is welcome to be associated with National Epilepsy Surgery Support Activity Network (NESSAN).

Need for NESSAN

At any given time, there are approximately one million people with drug resistant epilepsy (DRE) in India who are potential candidates for presurgical evaluation and epilepsy surgery. However, the epilepsy surgery treatment gap is very high and epilepsy surgery programs are non-existent in many parts of India. Currently less than 700 epilepsy surgeries are undertaken in India every year resulting in a large surgical treatment gap. Thus there is a need to establish more epilepsy surgery programs in different parts of the country. The formation of National Epilepsy Surgery Support Activity Network (NESSAN) is to reduce the epilepsy surgery treatment gap.


  • Design strategies for early identification and diagnosis of Drug-Resistant Epilepsy (DRE)
  • Optimise the utilization of epilepsy surgery in the country
  • Reduce the surgical treatment gap in epilepsy


  • To highlight the magnitude of DRE and importance of early therapeutic interventions
  • To share knowledge, opinions, and experiences regarding surgical management of patients with DRE and difficult to treat epilepsies
  • To update the NESSAN members with the advances in the field of epilepsy surgery
  • To equip the young members of NESSAN with the advances in technology and procedures in epilepsy surgery
  • To help the younger members of NESSAN to establish epilepsy surgery program


NESSAN is an informal network of likeminded professionals with common interest in the care of drug resistant and difficult to treat epilepsies.

Activities of the Organization

3. To help young neurologists in establishing epilepsy surgery centers by proving help for establishing epilepsy monitoring units and for selecting initial patients for epilepsy surgery. The surgeons associated with NESSAN may also provide help for carrying out initial epilepsy surgeries.

  • Rare interesting seizure semiology: EEG and radiology correlation.
  • Difficult case: Surgical decision
  • Difficult case: Presurgical evaluation
  • Difficult presurgical evaluation for the surgical substrate with a good outcome
  • Difficult case: Surgical techniques

This includes monthly cases and journal clubs. The cases will be focused on

2. Web-based Activities:

Platform for informal discussions on difficult cases of epilepsy surgery. Past meetings were held in Hyderabad in 2015 and 2016.

1. Annual Meeting:
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